Kitchen update

I can safely say that the kitchen is almost ready! with a few bits and bobs missing. We had some family over for a few days, after that we were away so… the progress is kind’a slow, but we are not in a rush anyway.

Here is what’s left:

  • to buy and install the ending stirp all around the kitchen worktop
  • to install one white cover to the small “odd” piece of furniture below the big one covering the water heater
  • to install the bottom covers
  • to buy a new garbage bin
  • to put together the new table and chairs
  • proably some other things I forgot

I am happy with how it turned out, it has a few odd elements, some bits and bobs that are not standard, and probably an expert could have had some different ideas about the layout but it works for us, and that’s what’s important.

It was a tad bit of puzzle game to get everything together. For example, we needed the furniture to be close to the ceiling, I don’t want a hole above the cupboards. But also needed it that way in order to cover the water heater. So it was a bit of a measuring and “where do we start” head scratching, but we came up first with this solution. But what to do with the odd little space below the first top cupboard?

Well.. we decided to cover it with the same as one above the fridge, and move the next doors a few cm lower. We had to make new holes for the hinges, but that was it, and the whole hole situation was fixed. I had worries that cutting the edge of the door would end up with some nasty cut lines… We will cover the hole around the microwave with some smaller piece of wood…

The not so good idea:

I measured it a bunch of times, but at the end this corner managed to give me a nasty surprise. In order to line up everything, the cupboards with the wall and the doors… I had the following measurements:

Cupboard 1, 60cm wide, 2x30cm wide doors
Pseudo cupbard: maximum space is 55cm, and we could find 2x25cm doors.

Great… I looked up and the small white “Jonaxel” cart was just the right size. So we bought it. It was all good until we fit everything where it should be, and I was missing about 1cm! The door hinges added up some space lost I was not counting with, and because of that missing cm, removing the cart from where I intended to keep it would have been a real struggle. So change of plan. We found a board lying around, made a “bottom”, moved the cart somewhere else, and put the bin here. It’s a good location after all.

The doors are corner cupboard doors, we used Utrusta metal bits to screw them together. The hinges had to be 153degree ones, so the door opens quite back, making it easy to reach the corner area.

It’s an excellent little storage space. I have a shelve too, and on that shelve I keep my vacum pack machine.

The cart moved to the other side. Actually it’s a very good place to keep it. This area we cannot really “close up” with shelves or drawers, because on the right side of this cart we have the gas bottle and there is going to be a water softerner one day. Both of them will need to have quick and easy access to them. But removing the cart with all off it’s contents and a few bits and bobs stored near it is not going to give us any issues.

The cupboard that covers the water heater is our “chemical warfare storage area” I absolutely hate this box 😀 but I prefer to look at it over the roundness of the water heater, so we are good. It surprised how much space is left around, so now I can keep all my chemicals up. Not that anybody would want to touch them, but still, I might still get a puppy one day 😀

And finally: lignthing is on, flower is there, kind’a starts to look like a true kitchen!

Having the “narrow” cupboard on the right side turned out to be a very good idea! I really really like it, somehow the whole space is more functional with it than it was without! The counter top area is small, but still good enough to have space to put things, the shelves above it look good together, and while the storage are is fairly small, I still can put a lot of things there! The “tricky” door is not even visible if you don’t know that something is different there (I mean the 2x25cm doors) and everything can be opened and closed. The idea to have these cupboards so narrow was given by the last one 30cm wide with the little cart. I wanted to be able to open all the doors normally… and also wanted to have a reasonable good space in the kitchen to move around.

My personal favorite in this kitchen are the NARROW doors.

The door opening won’t take up huge space …

Trote TTK 69 E Dehumidifier L1/F1 intermittent error fix – level easy

We only used this dehumidifier for a few month when the error occured. I couldn’t find anything reliable in the manual or on Trotec website.

I was not entirely sure if the error was L1/F1 or LI/FI, so I searched for both, not to much luck to begin with.

Browsing on Amazon, I saw this Q/A with very similar error.

The device was unplugged for 2 days, so I took off the front cover, removed the filter, cleaned the fins under it with a soft brush, up and down direction. Careful!!!!! Super sensitives! Put the filter back, cover back and plugged it in.

Magically it works!!!

Reasons for Choosing Ikea Kitchen

We are getting close to finish our odd sized kitchen, and I am absolutely thrilled with my choice for the Ikea Metod modules, and white Ringhult doors. We live about 1,30h from Ikea, and had to do a few trips to get everything, because we didn´t had the money to buy all at once, but even so it was a much better choice to source it form the few available shops in that are closer to us.

Here are my reasons for choosing Ikea Metod modules

  • The local stores carried modules with only 70cm height, and some 20cm tall legs. The modules would have ended up being at the same level, but me loosing 10cm for each module all the way in the kitchen.
  • the companies making custom made kitchen cabinets work either ridiculously expensive or have bad quality products at pretty much the same price as the Ikea modules, and of course that pretty much would’t be in coordinated with my DIY ways.
  • the local stores selling modular kitchens have way lower quality products, at almost the same price. Kitchen wise maybe we would have saved a 200 euros which is nothing.
  • Ikea offers 25 years of warranty for the modules, and you can also ask for some spare parts for free. (Yup, it actually happened, we used this service and it was awesome)
  • the modules are stupidly easy to put together, I mean if you have a little bit of DIY skills they are not going to pose any sort of challenge.
  • the hinges are wonderful, they just pop on and off, I can take down the doors in a few seconds and put it back in the same amount of time.
  • there is a full year to your disposal to bring back some modules, elements that you didn’t used or needed or simply because you changed your mind, if you have the ticket.
  • the modules are sturdy and heavy, it feels like they have more ‘stuff’ in them compared to the other modular kitchens.
  • there is an Ikea Kitchen Planner available online, that will allow you to build your own kitchen, to redesign it countless time, to change your mind and so on.
  • we bought it in parts – I put together smaller shopping list, printed it out, and when we had some business nearby the Ikea, we popped in and spent some money on some products. With the shopping list went to the warehouse section, found somebody at the computer and they put me together the order. This saved me a lot of time and money 😀 because I didn’t went wondering and buying all sort of things. And we were out in half an hour pretty much all the time.

Our kitchen has some “not so standard” solutions.

Since the “walking area” of the kitchen is small, we didn’t wanted full width doors. I couldn’t use 40cm doors, because of how the modules were possible to fit in, so I used the 30cm wide doors, for the 60cm wide cabinets. I absolutely love how little space they take when open.

What we didn’t bought at Ikea:

The counter top. I used the Custom Worktop Calculator to help you estimate the costs, and for now we could´t afford to get anything from there. We bought some simple wood counter top, that will surely last for a few years, and a few years more if we take care of it, and it cost about 1/5th of the Ikea Countertop, so it was a huge save for us especially now when the money goes in every single direction. Besides we needed a countertop that is wider than the standard Ikea one (63.5cm) to hide the washing machine.

What I hate about Ikea modules/kitchen elements?

So far not many things. But I do not like that there are no 45cm deep drawers with low back, and it might not be possible to get just the back of the drawer. We have an odd sized furniture where I can fit some 45cm drawers, but I need it the least tall one. From the 40cm drawer I actually only get 37cm usable space. The 43 one is almost using up the space perfectly.

There are no narrow doors for the top modules. Anyway we figured out what doors we are going to use, but it’s annoying.

There are no 30cm wide top modules, or at least not yet. I would have needed one but I couldn’t find.

So pretty much this sums it up, if I have other ideas will update this post.

Here is a partial view of my “In progress” Ikea kitchen with some missing drawers, and slightly misaligned doors, missing covers etc. Will get to those soon!

“Appetite for distruction”

Well we did it!

The old chimney and the wall is DOWN. Both killed and died a heroic death in about 3 hours.

In our renovation we arrived to the point where the other side of the apartment (what’s behind me) is almost done. There are a few more aesthetic works required but we wanted to do the “big” jobs done first, like finishing with the floor tiles, the insulation of the ceiling and walls, painting the walls and so on.

By the end of the year we arrived to the point where these “biggies” are already done on the other half of the apartment, and in order to continue with them, we needed to destroy the chimney and the wall.

Removing the chimney was a decision we made long time ago. We considered adding a wood burner, pellet burner, but it was not worth pursuing it. All the decent brunersare very expensive, the regular ones available here are really low quality; the price of the wood is sky high, the pellets are not cheap either. There is fairly big costs with the installations included as well. We don´t have a lot of storage for the wood of pellets and we live on the 3rd floor, no elevator. While carrying up the wood or pellets are not an issue now, if we continue to live here still as we get older, it could become an issue.

Removing the wall was also an idea we came about from the first day we owned this apartment.

But I have to admit I kind’a dreaded the moment we actually had to do this task. The mess, the debris, and the clean up required after was not something I was looking forward to. So we kind’a postpone it for a while now. Luckily there was a whole month making just small and tiny works around the kitchen, as it was Holiday season and we didn’t wanted to make to much noise.

January 7 was the day to start. At about 10 AM. At 13AM everything was teared down, half of the debris packed in sacks and the other half made a solid pile in one corner. It was way less difficult than initially thought it will be, it was much faster as well. The wall was not really giving any real resistance. The thickness of the wall and chimney wall is about 7cm, it’s just a separating wall, absolutely no mass in it.

We will have about 50-60 sacks of debris collected. In the photos you can see currently 25 sacks packed, all the chimney and 5 sacks are from the wall.

The next task will be to carry down all the debris and arrange for the transport. There is a recycling plant that takes in these stuff, we will have to see what’s the procedure. We have a card with them, (you have it here if you pay for the garbage) and we can request the transport for the removal for free. Well, if we manage to find out how and who to call of course, because the free stuff works pretty damn well on paper, and extremely bad in practice.

Some people are idiots…

I have a funny story about a client from hell, who is actually not my client, but my clien´s former boss.

I think some fictional names wil make it easier to follow trough the story.

Participants: Cruella, my client’s ex boss
Cindy and Samantha my clients.
The Wife, in person
My husband,we work together. Well he is not mentioned in the story to much, but he was there constantly helping 😉

The assets:

  • CruellaSite.tld, CruellasOtherSite.tld,; all belonging to Cruella, managed by Somebody.
  • C&S-Business.tld belonging to Cindy and Samantha. Managed by me, and my husband.

where .tld is country level top domain.

The back story:

Cruella owns a bigger company, and she decided to sell the small local branch to Cindy and Samantha. It was Cruella’s idea, she didn’t wanted to deal with “this little shit office”. After selling she still wanted to retain full control over everything, but Cindy and Samantha are not idiots of course, and this was not the agreement. They had a “transit year” in discussion, to make it easier for everybody.

As the transition year is getting to the end, Cindy and Samanta checks everything, and of course removes their OWN card from the services belonging to Cruella. Now Cruella is fuming over everything, she fells tossed out. (Remember… she got paid for her part for selling the company, and it was she who wanted to get out!) The dumbass just cannot understand that SHE SOLD HER branch and she is not the boss any more… Both Cindy and Samantha are lovely and (VERY) patient womens. Not like me, I would have smashed Cruella’s bitch head to the glass table a few times already. Because it turns out, she was a bitch all along , and did nasties like using Cindy And Samantha´s business CC to pay for services belonging only to her own part of the business. Go figure…

The beginning of the current shitstorm:

All beginns last weekend. My job was to upgrade the hosting for C&S-Business.tld. Everything was totally eventless. After finishing I asked the hosting company if I need to be aware of any changes in regards of how the site, emails are working. I was told “no”. So I was expected that Monday morning everything will resume working just as it did before the upgrade. Except it didn´t. Some of the email accounts were not downloading any new emails.

Cindy and Samantha is not to tech persons. Cindy was paniking and scared so I got the call in the morning about how “nothing works”. How come nothing works, I did check the emails – trough webmail, but they were working. (and I did explained them how to check the webmail if there is panic in outlook… just to avoid these panicked calls, but they forgot about the webmail possibility)

Anyway, the fix for the issue related to C&S-Business.tld email addresses was actually a 5 minute job trough remote control and only affected some of the users who instead of using the domain name as the “host name” used the old host´s host name. Anyway, I fixed it for C&S-Business.tld and all was good. The “nothing works” was actually 3 email accounts from 7 that used the old settings.

I thought panic is over, and moved on to continue with my xmas preparations. But apparently it was just the beginning of the real shitstorm. Cindy called me back, scared because … emails related to CruellaSite.tld are not working.

I told my clients, Cindy and Samantha countless times, that I can’t do shit about this domain. Absolutely nothing is in my power to make it magically work. It’s managed by Somebody, and I do not have any sort of access to the registrar, to the host to nowhere. If that is an issue, they need to call Somebody, who can fix it. CruellaSite.tld is totally out of my reach.

You see, I am a nice person…

I try to help Cindy and Samantha as good as I can. And despite the fact that CruellaSite.tld is not my problem, it cost me just a few minutes to check and figure out what’ on the earth is going on with this domain.

It turns out, that idiot Cruella forgot to renew her domain name.

Of course, it’s much easier to blame Cindy and Samantha for everything, but if you OWN a domain name, and nobody has access to it, its entirely on you if you forget to renew it. So Cruella actually shoot herself in the foot. But this didn’t stopped her blaiming the other two persons for the entire issue. And because nobody understands what’s what, she found Cindy and Samantha to be an easy tarket to blame them for everything…

I don’t sleep to much…

So at night I had time and put together a nice and as short as possiblle “vocabulary” for all the strange words that were used in the conversations. Because it turned out that neither Cruella, Samantha or Cindy understood entirely what’s what, and who paid for what or why the “email@ CruellaSite.tld” is not working. They all confuse hosting, with domain name, hostgator with registrar and so on…

This is what I sent them over: – of course I changed the personal details here.

CruellaSite.tld is the DOMAIN name, the address that is expired.

Hostgator – in this case the webhost where the FILES belonging to the domains sit( CruellaSite.tld , CruellasOtherSite.tld, .es and EMAILS) Hosgator is working, try going to and it will load the site.

Domains.tld is the country registrar for the .tld domain names, is the “boss of all country registrars

Nic.tld is just a different name for Domains.tld

Some-system is a reseller of Domains.tld CruellaSite.tld was registered about 10 years ago torugh this company, they are authorized to sell .tld domain names.  
                * CruellasOtherSite.tld was also registered trough Some-system and will expire on 23 january 2021.   Just saying. If this is not renewed in time, the same drama will happen again. is a reseller for .com and in this case was registered trough godaddy

Nameservers is a special address that tells the world who types CruellaSite.tld , CruellasOtherSite.tld,  in the browser where to go and look for the files belonging to the domain. The nameservers = the IP address in a more  understandable form for humans.

IP address – is the address where the servers holding the files are located.  999.99.99.999  BELONGS to Hostgator

Domain names are registered for 1, 2, 3… 10 years. If the registration is not renewed, the domain name will have about 15-30 days of grace period (where CruellaSite.tld is now!!!) , after this is going to be recycled, available for sale, BUT usually they are snatched by domain hunters. A terrible idea not to fix it in the grace period and hope to re-buy it once it’s available again.

Since CruellaSite.tld domain name is not accessible – its deactivated, emails are also not accessible, even if the server (hostgator) is doing just perfectly fine.

I also attached separate word documents with the whois infos, where is super clearly visible that the domain is expired and not godaddy or not the hosting, where my clients actually had some access – to pay of course… Nobody except Cruella had access to pay at Some Systems or Country tld!

The good news:

All my efforts seem to helped Cindy and Samantha to at least understands that they are not to blame for this mishap. It’s only on Cruella, who failed to renew her domain. And she keeps promoting more lies. Like “I was on the phone with united states and country tld ALL NIGHT – country tld is not working all night 😉 they are lazy – and they said that for 5-6 months the domain will be in limbo, nobody knows where. Like wtf bitch? The country tld has absolutely fucking nothing to do with “unted states”. And the 5-6 months? From where does she takes these numbers? It’s 30 days. Grace period. IF she fails to move during this period she can say goodbye to her domain. I might snatch it myself and ask a few thousands to just give it back.

Samantha said she sent over my email with the explanation of what’s what and it looks like some light is slowly shining in Cruella’s dark head as well. She now wants to get in touch with me. Probably to fix her shit.

But I am working for Cindy and Samantha. I am not interested to deal with idiot Cruella who already has a history of not paying for the services provided for her. I am not interested to collaborating with anybody who is an asshole.

It certainly looks like the whole ordeal began due to the simple fact that Cruella didn’t paid Somebody either.

Will see how the story develops. For now, we are going to have a nice Xmas dinner with friends.

Building in the washing machine

Our regular, stand alone front door washing machine was not originally designed to be built in the furniture. But we managed to get everything sorted, and now basically it’s built in!

First thing first, it took a lot of planning. We choose especially the Ikea kitchen furnitures, because I found their online kitchen planner. This allowed me to make various designs and implementations and see where I can place the appliances based on what we have already in fixed position.

We could move the water inlet a bit around, we didn’t had any very fixed position for the cooker either because we have a gas bottle, and the pipe for the dirt water was also possible to move it just a tad bit. And of course our kitchen was in a total mess, totally “destroyed” when we started the whole new kitchen planning.

Once we found the place for the washing machine, and we made sure the pipes are all right, we only needed to wait half a year until we could start getting the furniture in.

Because of the washing machine, the counter top above the area with the washing machine has to be wider then the standard 63.5. So we bought a wider one, and placed the modules a little bit further from the wall, making sure they are well secured to the wall with some extensions, screws and wooden bits.

I have no idea how the hell I managed to make the measurements, BUT, much to my surprise, when it came to insert the waching machine in the module, I realized that…

… it won’t FIT! Because a module is exactly 60cm wide. And from this there is 2x-1.8cm on both sizes, represented by the module wall. The hole within the module is actually narrower, and won’t house a standard sized washing machine. Because obviously normal people don’t want to hide the washing machine like I do, or they are smart enough to buy one that can be integrated.

So what to do? Soon I realized that having a jigsaw has major advantages. I suggested my husband to jut a narrow strip that will be able to HODOR (hold the door), install the hinge and everybody will be happy, especially me having the washing machine hidden.

If you look at image 1, there you can see the frame representing the smallest depth we could come up with. It’s only 10 cm, and it’s basically screwed on the other modules from let and right.

But oce we made the frame, we realized something very important. With the frame, “as is” we won’t be able to open the little drawer and put the detergent in. Oh my.

The final solution is visible on the image no. 7. We cut out the area where the drawer was opening and was SOOOO Happy about this solution. Not for a very long time.

The new set of issues appeared when we took home the doors. It turns out… you cannot have a normal hinge, and open the dishwasher drawer. Luckily there are the 153 degree hinges, so those saved the day.

Not before having a smaller heart attack when seeing them for the first time in the store.

These hinges are almost double in the size compared to the other ones we have!!! I was about sure they won’t fit in the available space. But as you can see from the above images, the fit is to the mm, basically half a cm on one direction and the whole plan would have been in vain!

Of course, this is because… when we choose the door, I decided to buy the 30×80 doors, and instead of having a 60×80 door for the modules, we have 2 narrow doors for each. Obviously the big door would have had only hinges on the other side, so this issue would not have been an issue.

But the size of the door were very important, due to the size of our kitchen!

The good, the bad and the ugly

Once in a while facebook is good for something. For example you can accidentally stumble into chocolate making videos. I seen a few, and was truly mesmerized by them. The only problem: I had absolutely zero idea about making home made chocolate bon bons, truffles and all sorts of goodies. Had no equipment, no molds and at that stage… no kitchen either. So it was quite difficult for me to start with my newly found chocolate hobby.

In the next few months I managed to find the basics needed to make chocolate. I had so and so success, it’s not a bad hobby, except … we do not really eat chocolate. I mean we absolutely love chocolate, but chocolate does not agree with our waste line. Luckily we have friends and family who are willingly subscribed to consume the named chocolates so I can happily buy the materials needed, spend the time making it and ship it to them for their enjoyment 😀 They are very happy about my new hobby too.

Anyway… the very first chocolate making was a BIG SUCCESS. I mean “all considered”. The chocolates came out nicely from the mold, they were quite nice, and it made me hooked on this. The second time I made, it was a major disaster. And from there on, I never know how my chocolates are going to turn out.

For Xmas, I made a bigger batch and all of them were quite nice. Also made some “bark” – or how do you call it, some dark and white chocolate with various seeds. those turned out quite nice as well. Not the most beautiful, but they are quite tasty.

For filling I had white Ganache with cocoa, white Ganache with coffee, chocolate Ganache with bitter lemon flavoring. Since I also managed to mix the ingredients for one of the white Ganache mixes in the wrong amounts, I used some Amarettinis as “moister absorber” in one of the white fillings and those were absolutely lovely as well.

This time I managed to make some new improvements to the bark packaging: I used little cellophane bags and closed them up with my Tefal Vacupack machine’s heating element. Not the ideal way to do it, but until I find some better idea it will work.

But I also managed to make a total mess with a second batch of dark chocolate.

I mean look at this:

From the 2x 21 bonbons 11 came out from the mold, a few came out broken, and the rest of them are seen in pic. 1 as a very tasty awfully looking mess.

At this stage I have zero idea what I did wrong. My bet is that I let the chocolate sit in the mold way to long. I mean I made it and haven’t had time to fill it and seal it, so I think the shells were in the mold for 2 days maybe? Who knows?

The very bad news is that I think I managed to scratch the molds when I tried to get the chocolate out. Also when trying to knock it in the hope it will loosen the bonbons.

I wish I could blame the molds 😀 it would be so easy. But most probably I did something wrong while tempering the chocolate.

Btw. making chocolate bon bons is an awesome hobby. I am looking forward to make the next batch. To bad, this batch didn’t worked out well. Now we will have to eat it with spoon, and that’s not really Keto is it? I will blame it on the Xmas season anyway!

Poor thing

Was a good tool. When we bought it about 3 years ago, was not even hoping to work this well and this long. Slowly the bearing is going to give up. It was a cheap tool, and unfortunately the repair would cost more then getting a new one. So we probably just say goodbye to it, and thanks for the help and work done for us once it decides to die in our hands.

The issues of an odd sized kitchen

One of the biggest issue I have with our apartment is the odd size of spaces around me. Everything is odd.

The bathroom is not small when it comes to average bathrooms areas in square meters, but the arrangements of everything in it is absolutely odd and I kind’a hate it. Only basic changes would be possible at major costs and complications. This will be more than one post in the future, because it already broke my brain a few times.

Our hallway is odd, could be somewhat bigger, I mean I would like to be bigger, but it’s not, and since we added some insulation as well, it’s exactly… 2 cm narrower than the furniture I imagined there. This will be a separate post as well for sure.

Let’s go to our kitchen. Which is obviously ODD sized and shaped. How else?

This is the place in it’s all glory, before it became a kitchen. I mean it was a kitchen, but we renewed it entirely. The door is there, it comes from the hallway, and on the right side of the door is a massive structural element of the house, a pillar that cannot be moved, not even by the nordic gods themselves.

Drawing this oddity trough Ikea kitchen planner had it’s challenges, so here you won’t see the pillar… but it’s there. And looking at the available Ikea tall tables, the only solution was way to odd for my taste. I did not liked this solution at all.

Now the worst part was that even the Ikea Kitchen planner was not happy with the size of my kitchen and when the module right near the table was added to the plan… instantly started to yell at me about the minimum space recommended is not meet. Okay Ikea, I wish I could make my apartment a bit more like Tardis, but unfortunately I cannot.

So we came up with the marvelous idea to buy the 40 cm furniture, and cut it down. To which size… will see as we go. You can guess, we are no carpenters. But hey, we won’t let that stop us in our great planning.

One different set of issues is given by the fact that we as modern humans use clothes. And this in our modern day and age, requires a washing machine. Ps. around here only big cities have automatic washing places where people (at least in the movies) carry the dirty clothes to be washed. Here everybody has it’s own washing machine. And because we do like to follow these modern living standards (;P) obviously we are going to have a washing machine. But the big question was: where the hell are we going to put it? In the bathroom there is not enough space. The only possible place was the already small balcony, which had a washing bin built in for the past, or in the kitchen.

I personally dreaded the idea to place it in the kitchen… but it was basically the only viable choice. So in the light of this issue, I knew something: the washing machine can stay in the kitchen as long as it’s hidden in a cabinet somehow.

Great idea, I was happy about it until I realized that this will bring new set of difficulties in our kitchen. And oh it did!!! That’s almost a stand alone story of annoying happenings but I will give out the good news: the washing machine IS in the kitchen, despite all odds against it, covered with a cabinet!

Here is everything as it happened…

Some advice if you want a built in washing machine:

My one and only advice is to BUY A washing machine that is already made to be built in the furniture 😀 LOL. otherwise you will have to face the consequences as we did…

But if you want to read the long and boring story about the misadventures of building in the washing machine, go ahead and follow this link.

At the end we got some tiny luck as well.

I am not sure since when… but not so long ago Ikea introduced the 30cm wide modules and doors. I will be eternally grateful for this.

If you look at the right size of the image, we have a 30cm wide modul installed, and it fits Perfectly to the available space. We didn’t needed to loose big odd spaces due to this newly added module. And I can tell you for a fact, that when I made the first design of our kitchen, Ikea didn’t had – at least not in the kitchen planner- 30cm wide modules. I know because I had supper difficult time to use the most available space and not loose 15cm just to cover it with some board.

Also having the 30cm wide modules introduced the 30cm wide doors.

I am not sure if they were intended to be used as we did, in fact I think they were only meant to be used for the 30 cm wide module, but for us, was more than the IDEAL solution.

We have 2x30cm wide doors for each 60cm module, and this allows us extremely good space usage when it comes to taking out stuff from the kitchen, opening of the doors, and still having a little bit of place to stay! A 60cm wide door would have required a much bigger opening space around the furniture, making it more uncomfortable to move around in the kitchen.

My only regret with the chosen solution is that the doors are somewhat more sectioned, not that elegant and beautiful that you can see on pinterest and all the design sites. But since I had to choose between the less beauty and somewhat more usability, I chose the latest, I thought it’s more important.

And here is how the doors look… still with the protective layer on, without having all of them in place…

Slowly but steadily the kitchen was about to take shape.

And here is the planned tall kitchen table and bar chairs.

Ever since the design of the kitchen was made, I already had some theoretically better ideas and considered moving the table to the other wall.

I told my husband about this change, and as a normal guy who made up his mind with one solution that would work, he didn’t really wanted to hear about this change. We will actually have to have the table, place it where I think it will be better and use it for a couple days until we realize if it’s odd to place it there or not.

I sure hope it won’t be! The initial design, with the table on the small wall has it’s weird challenges that I don’t know how to overcome. Also the whole area of the kitchen will look super crowded. So will see.

Ikea White? AAAA…in Spain?

I have a problem… In 2018 February we bought this Norden table from Ikea Valencia.

A few months ago I noticed some marks on it, that was definitely not caused on purpose or by negligence. Or I don’t know, I am not looking to blame anybody or anything. It just happened. We tried to take very good care of it, and it saddens me to see it this way.

A while ago I tried to look up when we bought it and remembered to be somewhere in 2018 February, because that was a particular date we visited some of our friends, who live in the same direction as Ikea. But despite of this, I was not able to locate the purchase ticket.

Since here at least it’s not possible to return the table without a purchase ticket – and I cannot find it – I let it be, and moved un. Until a few days ago, the paint pealed off like you can see it on the first picture. So I decided it’s time to find a way to restore it, hopefully without having to fully repaint all the table! The rest of it is all good, only this side is bad. Or so I think LOL.

I will need some good tips on what paint would be the closest to re-paint it.

We have a paint sprayer, so delivering the paint in a perfect layer would not be a problem however I have no idea how to match the Ikea white with the available paints. Any hints of internationally available white paints that are very similar to ikea white for Nordli… would be appreciated.

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