Not your average DIY blog

For about 3 years now I would like to launch a blog about our adventures in a foreign country, without exposing to much about who we are, and where we are. Not because it would be a massive secret, simply because I would like to keep it as honest as i can, without making things look nice(errrr than they really are) just because some relatives might read it….

I was 33 when the whole adventure with my now husband started, and was/is a somewhat crazy roller coaster ever since. We didn’t had a particularly shitty life back home, we mostly wanted to live here because of the weather, and because we liked it better in the new country. Left with hatchback, a dog, and some belongings we were able to squeeze in the car, and never looked back.

And so many things happened. Sometimes in a weird way. Sometimes in a boring way. We got settled in a strangers house for a while, 3 years later we bought our apartment and started renovating it. Each of this was a long and crazy story 🙂 Will maybe tell you abut it once.

The blog – like Star wars- begins somewhere at the middle of the story. 3 years after the moving in the apartment. 6 years after moving to a different country. And while we did pretty much everything on our apartment, this is not going to be the average DIY blog where I present some shitty furniture turned into some magical dragon overnight by my amazing skills… with an ounce of paint and two swipes of a brush. Oh no.. more likely this is going to be the “lesson to be learned” and the “how not to do it yourself” type of DIY. Or better “misadventures” and “don’t do it yourself”.

The blog will be here, on wordpress and free domain probably… I tried to buy a domain name once for this project, I was enthusiastic to send it over to a few friends and people I know… just to realize pretty soon, that I do not want to share many things with people I actually know. So the blog became artificial and soon was left to die.

So a few things… just to get them out of the way: my English my sucks. I know, trying to improve it, but being only the 3rd language I speak, I hope you can forgive me. (this is just to show you that I am smart…)

My composing and story telling sucks. And I loose track of what I want to say in mid sentence. Sorry. I don’t think I will ever become better at this.

My story is going to be boring. Renovating an apartment for 3 years… it´s kind’a boring.

Recipes – you may find recipes here, but I don’t suggest you to try them either. They are often “mixes and matches” of stuff I have at home.

Eating mostly keto-carnivore.

You will see we/me/us messed up all the time. I mean, I generally speak about the life I have together with my husband. But right now he doesn’t know about this blog’s existence 🙂 Will try to surprise him in the next few weeks.

I love dogs, 2 very particular breeds, but not a dog crazy crazy person if it comes to other breeds. I can tolerate cats, but I don’t like them to much. Had 2 turtles once, I felt like shit because they lived in a fairly small aquarium.

And most importantly, we are childfree. No babies, I was never interested in having any mini human around. So no soapy baby stories going to be here.

I think this is good enough for introduction. The rest will maybe follow soon.

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