3 years ago

Exacly 3 years ago on December 3rd, we were returning from home where we spent 2 weeks visiting our families. It was the very first time, when we returned to our apartment, it was the day when this adventure began.

Our car was parked at the airport and on the way back, we visited one of the hardware stores and bought a few tools, a gas heater, and some other basic household stuff.

The place was dreadful, ugly, the roof was leaking, we had no running water, and was damn cold. We bought a gas heater, but it was not enough to heat up the whole place, so we made camp in one room. But it was OURS.

We were happy, sad, angry, worried at the same time. It´s impossible to describe the mix of feelings that rushed in and out the first days. We knew we had tremendous work ahead of us, but we at least worked on our OWN.

Our very first lesson was to “never trust a plumber“. They will LIE. Constantly and always. This guy promised to fix our running water in the previous 2 weeks. He had a key, and on the day we returned, we should have had at least cold water. We had nothing. Luckily there was a public well very close to the place so we were able to carry up couple of 5l water bottles up to the last floor, without elevator of course!

This was our power box in the beginning.

We(mostly my husband) did the whole wiring in the house. The fact that he had prior experience with installing electricity was one major win for us. The authorized electrician arrived, connected the main power line from outside the apartment to the box and he left. Luckily the power company only cared about the installation from the meter to the main switch. The rest was pretty much “our business”. Not sure how legal it is didn’t asked anybody. I will tell you here “don’t try it at home”, electricity is dangerous, bla bla bla…unless you have some sort of basic training in safety and standards… and always take extra safety measures (turn off the damn main power switch) if you consider doing anything with the cables. But at this time, we had… 1 switch and 1 plug to power up everything. (not to many devices, 2 laptops and a light)

And we had a mattress. No bed. Didn’t had money to buy a bed.

But the adventure began.

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