LOL Volkswagen, so stingy?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Instead of sleeping, I was randomly browsing on facebook and interweb. I landed on a Volkswagen “My Renting” (Spanish) brochure by accident. Wanted to see if I can find some helpful data between the many lines of “bla bla” usually these documents have. I am not even sure why I opened the PDF, I am not really interested in Volkswagen and this new “renting” whatever it is- (I think this is some sort of “business leasing”? long term renting? no idea really). I said I was randomly browsing so there it is the reason 😀

Browsing trough the pages the above image caught my eye. I actually imagined how nice would it be to drive a car (no, still not Volkswagen) in a place like this… Just going slowly and enjoying the beauty of this place…so obviously I became curious where was this photo taken. I saved the image and used google image search hoping to find a location. Much to my surprise, I haven´t found anything about the location … (appreciate it if somebody could tell me), but I found that this is a very widely used FREE stock photography… LOL LOL LOL.

So basically Volkswagen, this famous brand for cars… just goes to free image photos and uses them in their brochures 😀 😀 😀 I think this is super funny! You know why? I would imagined that a company that i s world wide recognized as a big brand, cares at least so much about their image, to use photos their own brand photographer’s photos in this sort of brochures. No idea why I was thinking this. Just the perception of what a brand should/could mean. Well it could be that only the Spanish brochure makers were so lazy, but anyway I had a good laugh*.

I often work with some tiny and small companies. And believe it or not, they do care so much more about what goes in a brochure, what pics are used on their website 😀 you would think this massive company hires some stupid cheap freelancers who don’t really give a shit and work for $2 to design the brochures 😀 Not saying that it is… just saying that it looks like 😀 Very big LOL indeed.

Here is one place where you can find this image. There are plenty other places too….

*I was told I am weird, so nothing to worry about!

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