(Very)Poor woman’s window insulation

The windows in this apartment were about 45 years old. The whole area above the window where the window blinds was basically only a half cm thick plywood board and pretty much nothing else. No wonder it was cold in the room, especially at night! In order to reduce the cooling down, we used some old rags to fill in the void around the window blind box , insulating it as good as we could. And we used a shrink wrap to add a second layer with the hope to have a somewhat better insulation.

Not sure how much is visible from this picture, if you look at the right top corner, you can see the think plastic film layer over. I don’t know if this actually helped or was more a psychological thing, but after installing the foil, I had the feeling that it’s warmer in the room.

On the internet, there are various products sold under the “plastic shrink wrap window insulation kit” hence the idea to use “regular” shrink wrap we bought as a big roll for 3 euros to package things when needed… For me was way to expensive to spend 10-15 euros for one or two windows. I needed a temporary solution that is really not expensive. We used some sort of spray glue to glue it on, and was there for the remaining life of the window. In our case, the windows were so bad, the renovation was totally out of the question.


Should you do something like this? Yeah, probably if you don’t want to spend to much on this, if it’s a temporary solution, and especially if your plan is – like ours – to REPLACE the whole windows soon.

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