Bedroom “staging” and killing of the furnitures

In the above image you can see bits of a bed frame we got as part of the furniture donation we received. Prior to taking this at home, I watched a bunch of “how to paint and restore old furniture videos”. I was eager to start, and had massive high hopes about how amazing and wonderful this becomes when ready.

And now I can say… this is the only memory I am left with this furniture. We killed it at the end.

And here are the reason why, without any particular order of importance:

  • Our mattress is 150cm wide, this bed frame was made for 135cm. I tried to think of a simple way to make it wider, but it would have been required woodworking tools, wood and a lot of patience. I had non of it.
  • the headboards decoration was broken, we didn’t had the missing bits. I had the idea to remove and make brand new decorations, but that would have required to make the same decoration for the other side as well.
  • it smelled quite badly. Old wood, mixed with years of smoking, this would have went away with the paint, so it’s just an excuse to have more on the list.
  • we didn’t liked the color
  • I changed my mind, wanted something simple
  • paint was excruciatingly expensive
  • I feared the job will only become a “botched” ugly duckling instead something really nice
  • the neighbors would have killed me if I turned into an amateur carpenter

No matter how lovely this headboard and bed frame “could have been”, about one year after we took it home, bought it up in the apartment, and had it in our way for way to long, I decided I don’t want it any more. So we killed it off.

We still have the 2 night stands, painted white tho…

The whole staging was a good idea. This way we saw how the bed will look when it will take up all the place, how and where to put the sockets and the switches and so on.


Stay off from pinterest and youtube videos that show how easy is to restore furniture. Usually it’s not that easy!

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