Kitchen window

The kitchen window was in exceptionally bad shape.

When we wanted to remove the old faucet from the wall, we realized that the little gap between the outside wall and the inside wall. Because apparently this part of the apartment had a secret “hiding” place.

The first picture, pretty much shows the window form the other side of the kitchen. It doesn´t even look that bad from the considerable distance 😀 But when you go and see it up close, the terrible state is revealed. The whole wood structure was rotten.

We went to a shop that sold ready made windows, but unfortunately the kitchen window was such an odd size, it had to be custom made. There was no place to put anything slightly bigger. One of the big regrets with this apartment is that the windows are not big enough, and while the place is not dark, it´s not exceptionally bright either.

To emergency repair the kitchen window we used a piece from a door frame. Luckily the cuts, edges and everything was a near to perfect fit! In fact it was such a good fit, that it kept the rain outside for the next few months.

In the last picture you can see the repaired window sill, and the fairly big gap behind it.

We decided to remove the tiny inner “wall”, which was basically there to make the kitchen wall straight, and keep the gap. It was a good decision, because now the gas bottle is almost not using up space in the kitchen, as it resides in this tiny “additional” gap that we had no idea about 😉

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