Read the label

About 7 years ago my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and while his cholesterol was not high, the doctor decided to write up statins for him, with about 5 other pills. We went home, unsuspecting anything and he followed the protocol the doctor set up for him. In about 5 days he got depressed, he lost his will to live and had deeply dark thoughts. We both got scared, really badly. He is not the type of person who sits in a dark room contemplating the meaning of life… and because pretty much everything was the same in our life, we started suspecting his drugs. So went ahead and as a “good normal”* we read the prospects that were within he medicine boxes. (*Ideally you should kind’a read it before even taking it… but who has time for that???) Much to our surprise in between the possible side effects we noticed “Depression“.

Because we had scheduled the next doctor visit for him, the best idea what we could come up was to ask the doctor. Obviously. And the doctor’s answer was: “Get used to it”.

This was the first time, when the “WTF” actually started to make appearance in our head. No, he cannot get used to the fact that he had suicidal tendencies, I think this is something that you SHOULD not just “get used to it”.

So… we were left with the choice of: constantly watching him, not to do something stupid. Hoping that this goes away. And wondering why he was even written up statins, when he didn’t had high cholesterol levels. His cholesterol were in the normal ranges all the time.

After a bit of debate, he decided not to take the statins any more. He somehow preferred to die later due to a possible heart attack than “soon” due to massive depression.

7 Years later… about NOW.

We now watch carefully what he eats. Mostly low carb, ketogenic, sometimes more on the carnivore side. He is medication free (blood pressure lowering medicine and all the others he had) and the yearly checkups always come back with excellent lab results.

We did pretty much everything how we thought we should do, not listening to doctors. Which actually breaks my hearth, because I do think that doctors – should – know better. But often I have to face with the situation that they actually DON’T. Or just don’t care and follow the damn protocol that could actually be flawed badly.

Do I suggest anyone to do what we did? Nope, I am a total nobody, no training in the field, nothing whatsoever to do with diet, so everybody should do what they think they should do. But Damn I am glad that we found this way of eating.

But this whole intro was needed to show you my discovery.

We bought some mince meat. Beef, and mix beef+pork. I admit, supermarkets are not the ideal place to buy meat. And also aware that mince meat is often the shittiest leftovers minced together. But it’s convenient. It’s easy. And it’s preserved, making them last longer without being frozen. Okay okay, there are a bunch of “chemicals” involved to achieve this, but as I said, I am not a “purist” and sometimes the easy way out is just that… easy..

I strangely never checked the full ingredient list for “mince meat”. Why would I? It looks like meat, what else can it have? And when I checked I noticed the ingredients.

Mixt mince: pork 48%, beef 32, water, vegetable fiber, soy protein, aromas, preservatives

Beef mince: 82% beef, soy protein 4%, vegetable fibers, aromas, preservatives, coloring agent

Bummer. Without knowing, I am eating unknown “vegetable fiber” and unknown amount of soy protein. All of this is possible due to the little word they have on the package: “PREPARADO”. This covers the ass of the meat makers, as I am damn sure about the fact that “preparado” allows them this percentage of extra “stuff” they put in it. Now the fun fact here is the following: in the next days I checked a few supermarkets in the area, and guess what: there is NO 100% miced meat available there. Nope. All of them are “Preparado”. All of them have various amounts of “cheap crap”.

Now that I am aware of this trickery, I am carefully checking the labels for the ingredients. Haven’t bought mince meat in supermarket for a few weeks now. And won’t buy it unless it’s a part of chicken, beef or pork I can recognize and see.

The only way to get real meat is to go to a butcher and point to the pieces of meat you want. Ask them to mince it in front of you. No other solution. To bad, we don’t have any butcher shop in the nearby. We do have plenty stores, but all of them come with pre-packaged meat.

I plan to make new photos next time. This particular brand of mince meat was the first one I noticed, and ever since I checked in other stores, the same pattern emerges.

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