The daily chaos

Today we cut the kitchen’s 3d worktop area. To our neighbors “enjoyment”.

Our kitchen is strangely shaped, like a weird U form, with one of the “legs” being shorter and narrower then the other.

Here on the left side, the wall is longer, on the opposite side the worktop had to be wider, and on the right side much narrower so we can have comfortable space to move around.

I promise I will soon make a lengthy post about the “quirks of our kitchen” and all the tricks we needed to do and figure out by ourselves in order to have it as we want it. They may not be the utmost perfect solutions, but since we didn´t had anybody to ask to come and help figuring out, and could not pay a carpenter to come and fix it for us, I am happy with the solutions we came up and how we managed to get them done.

Back to Our worktop: because this had to have 3 different widths, it was not an easy job to find and sort it out. Only one shop carried wider than standard worktop, and it was only butcher block type counter top. We choose the thinner one, again, price considerations, maybe a tad bit thicker would have looked better… To late for that now 😀

On the left side, the worktop is 63.5 cm, pretty much the standard worktop size. The wall from the opposite side of the pic, had to have a wider worktop in order to hide the washing machine. For this we bought a 80cm wide worktop, and cut it to 72-ish, don´t remember exactly. The third worktop is going to be narrow, only 32.5cm, this is basically just to use the 3rd smaller wall, to have some extra, although narrow storage for us.

Today was the day when we finally managed to cut this 3rd side for the worktop. We already cut the Ikea Metod module from 40 cm deep to be only 28 cm deep to fit under this mini worktop. To cut it down, we used a circular hand saw borrowed from our friends, some clamping tools and some guides. It worked well 😀 Another tool I fall in love and told my husband we NEED to have once we manage to buy a house, with a proper tool shed or garage!

The worktop had some smaller holes, and irregularities, I fixed it with simple white wood filler. Tomorrow I will sand it down, and have some wood corrector markers, will make them ¨gone¨as good as I can, and this part is going to be ready for the coating.

We use a “wood sealer” – NOT FOOD GRADE! – and a top coat, water based transparent mate. I never use the counter top to place food directly to it, we never did that back when I was growing up, and won´t do it now anyway, so for us, this is the better solution. I was considering oiling the worktop but I preferred to try it with this coat. The top coat will be probably Ikea transparent coat, some friends used the same in their kitchen and they are happy about it.


Our neighbors probably totally – and understandably – HATE US. We became the absolute worse noise makers. Although we do try to keep the noises only to the hours when we think it will bother the least but it still can be annoying. Hence the reason we surely NEED a house. I bought chocolate to one, and will help the other with some stuff… so hopefully they will forgive us!

We will need a house, with space around it, not to crammed and not to close to neighbors soon. Apparently the DIY personality within us is awaken and we start to enjoy the process more and more. At least I do!

Both me and my husband love power tools and mean machines like circular saw, table saw, standing drill.

Cutting the wood straight with the proper tool is actually easy!


Image by davidgast from Pixabay

If you use power tools, especially as an amateur DIY user like us, BE AFRAID, be sure to check, double check and triple check all the safety measures for yourself. These tools are mean, powerful and very dangerous. You have to respect them, and have to be aware just about everything what can happen around you when using them.

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