Ikea White? AAAA…in Spain?

I have a problem… In 2018 February we bought this Norden table from Ikea Valencia.

A few months ago I noticed some marks on it, that was definitely not caused on purpose or by negligence. Or I don’t know, I am not looking to blame anybody or anything. It just happened. We tried to take very good care of it, and it saddens me to see it this way.

A while ago I tried to look up when we bought it and remembered to be somewhere in 2018 February, because that was a particular date we visited some of our friends, who live in the same direction as Ikea. But despite of this, I was not able to locate the purchase ticket.

Since here at least it’s not possible to return the table without a purchase ticket – and I cannot find it – I let it be, and moved un. Until a few days ago, the paint pealed off like you can see it on the first picture. So I decided it’s time to find a way to restore it, hopefully without having to fully repaint all the table! The rest of it is all good, only this side is bad. Or so I think LOL.

I will need some good tips on what paint would be the closest to re-paint it.

We have a paint sprayer, so delivering the paint in a perfect layer would not be a problem however I have no idea how to match the Ikea white with the available paints. Any hints of internationally available white paints that are very similar to ikea white for Nordli… would be appreciated.

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