The good, the bad and the ugly

Once in a while facebook is good for something. For example you can accidentally stumble into chocolate making videos. I seen a few, and was truly mesmerized by them. The only problem: I had absolutely zero idea about making home made chocolate bon bons, truffles and all sorts of goodies. Had no equipment, no molds and at that stage… no kitchen either. So it was quite difficult for me to start with my newly found chocolate hobby.

In the next few months I managed to find the basics needed to make chocolate. I had so and so success, it’s not a bad hobby, except … we do not really eat chocolate. I mean we absolutely love chocolate, but chocolate does not agree with our waste line. Luckily we have friends and family who are willingly subscribed to consume the named chocolates so I can happily buy the materials needed, spend the time making it and ship it to them for their enjoyment 😀 They are very happy about my new hobby too.

Anyway… the very first chocolate making was a BIG SUCCESS. I mean “all considered”. The chocolates came out nicely from the mold, they were quite nice, and it made me hooked on this. The second time I made, it was a major disaster. And from there on, I never know how my chocolates are going to turn out.

For Xmas, I made a bigger batch and all of them were quite nice. Also made some “bark” – or how do you call it, some dark and white chocolate with various seeds. those turned out quite nice as well. Not the most beautiful, but they are quite tasty.

For filling I had white Ganache with cocoa, white Ganache with coffee, chocolate Ganache with bitter lemon flavoring. Since I also managed to mix the ingredients for one of the white Ganache mixes in the wrong amounts, I used some Amarettinis as “moister absorber” in one of the white fillings and those were absolutely lovely as well.

This time I managed to make some new improvements to the bark packaging: I used little cellophane bags and closed them up with my Tefal Vacupack machine’s heating element. Not the ideal way to do it, but until I find some better idea it will work.

But I also managed to make a total mess with a second batch of dark chocolate.

I mean look at this:

From the 2x 21 bonbons 11 came out from the mold, a few came out broken, and the rest of them are seen in pic. 1 as a very tasty awfully looking mess.

At this stage I have zero idea what I did wrong. My bet is that I let the chocolate sit in the mold way to long. I mean I made it and haven’t had time to fill it and seal it, so I think the shells were in the mold for 2 days maybe? Who knows?

The very bad news is that I think I managed to scratch the molds when I tried to get the chocolate out. Also when trying to knock it in the hope it will loosen the bonbons.

I wish I could blame the molds 😀 it would be so easy. But most probably I did something wrong while tempering the chocolate.

Btw. making chocolate bon bons is an awesome hobby. I am looking forward to make the next batch. To bad, this batch didn’t worked out well. Now we will have to eat it with spoon, and that’s not really Keto is it? I will blame it on the Xmas season anyway!

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