The issues of an odd sized kitchen

One of the biggest issue I have with our apartment is the odd size of spaces around me. Everything is odd.

The bathroom is not small when it comes to average bathrooms areas in square meters, but the arrangements of everything in it is absolutely odd and I kind’a hate it. Only basic changes would be possible at major costs and complications. This will be more than one post in the future, because it already broke my brain a few times.

Our hallway is odd, could be somewhat bigger, I mean I would like to be bigger, but it’s not, and since we added some insulation as well, it’s exactly… 2 cm narrower than the furniture I imagined there. This will be a separate post as well for sure.

Let’s go to our kitchen. Which is obviously ODD sized and shaped. How else?

This is the place in it’s all glory, before it became a kitchen. I mean it was a kitchen, but we renewed it entirely. The door is there, it comes from the hallway, and on the right side of the door is a massive structural element of the house, a pillar that cannot be moved, not even by the nordic gods themselves.

Drawing this oddity trough Ikea kitchen planner had it’s challenges, so here you won’t see the pillar… but it’s there. And looking at the available Ikea tall tables, the only solution was way to odd for my taste. I did not liked this solution at all.

Now the worst part was that even the Ikea Kitchen planner was not happy with the size of my kitchen and when the module right near the table was added to the plan… instantly started to yell at me about the minimum space recommended is not meet. Okay Ikea, I wish I could make my apartment a bit more like Tardis, but unfortunately I cannot.

So we came up with the marvelous idea to buy the 40 cm furniture, and cut it down. To which size… will see as we go. You can guess, we are no carpenters. But hey, we won’t let that stop us in our great planning.

One different set of issues is given by the fact that we as modern humans use clothes. And this in our modern day and age, requires a washing machine. Ps. around here only big cities have automatic washing places where people (at least in the movies) carry the dirty clothes to be washed. Here everybody has it’s own washing machine. And because we do like to follow these modern living standards (;P) obviously we are going to have a washing machine. But the big question was: where the hell are we going to put it? In the bathroom there is not enough space. The only possible place was the already small balcony, which had a washing bin built in for the past, or in the kitchen.

I personally dreaded the idea to place it in the kitchen… but it was basically the only viable choice. So in the light of this issue, I knew something: the washing machine can stay in the kitchen as long as it’s hidden in a cabinet somehow.

Great idea, I was happy about it until I realized that this will bring new set of difficulties in our kitchen. And oh it did!!! That’s almost a stand alone story of annoying happenings but I will give out the good news: the washing machine IS in the kitchen, despite all odds against it, covered with a cabinet!

Here is everything as it happened…

Some advice if you want a built in washing machine:

My one and only advice is to BUY A washing machine that is already made to be built in the furniture 😀 LOL. otherwise you will have to face the consequences as we did…

But if you want to read the long and boring story about the misadventures of building in the washing machine, go ahead and follow this link.

At the end we got some tiny luck as well.

I am not sure since when… but not so long ago Ikea introduced the 30cm wide modules and doors. I will be eternally grateful for this.

If you look at the right size of the image, we have a 30cm wide modul installed, and it fits Perfectly to the available space. We didn’t needed to loose big odd spaces due to this newly added module. And I can tell you for a fact, that when I made the first design of our kitchen, Ikea didn’t had – at least not in the kitchen planner- 30cm wide modules. I know because I had supper difficult time to use the most available space and not loose 15cm just to cover it with some board.

Also having the 30cm wide modules introduced the 30cm wide doors.

I am not sure if they were intended to be used as we did, in fact I think they were only meant to be used for the 30 cm wide module, but for us, was more than the IDEAL solution.

We have 2x30cm wide doors for each 60cm module, and this allows us extremely good space usage when it comes to taking out stuff from the kitchen, opening of the doors, and still having a little bit of place to stay! A 60cm wide door would have required a much bigger opening space around the furniture, making it more uncomfortable to move around in the kitchen.

My only regret with the chosen solution is that the doors are somewhat more sectioned, not that elegant and beautiful that you can see on pinterest and all the design sites. But since I had to choose between the less beauty and somewhat more usability, I chose the latest, I thought it’s more important.

And here is how the doors look… still with the protective layer on, without having all of them in place…

Slowly but steadily the kitchen was about to take shape.

And here is the planned tall kitchen table and bar chairs.

Ever since the design of the kitchen was made, I already had some theoretically better ideas and considered moving the table to the other wall.

I told my husband about this change, and as a normal guy who made up his mind with one solution that would work, he didn’t really wanted to hear about this change. We will actually have to have the table, place it where I think it will be better and use it for a couple days until we realize if it’s odd to place it there or not.

I sure hope it won’t be! The initial design, with the table on the small wall has it’s weird challenges that I don’t know how to overcome. Also the whole area of the kitchen will look super crowded. So will see.

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