Some people are idiots…

I have a funny story about a client from hell, who is actually not my client, but my clien´s former boss.

I think some fictional names wil make it easier to follow trough the story.

Participants: Cruella, my client’s ex boss
Cindy and Samantha my clients.
The Wife, in person
My husband,we work together. Well he is not mentioned in the story to much, but he was there constantly helping 😉

The assets:

  • CruellaSite.tld, CruellasOtherSite.tld,; all belonging to Cruella, managed by Somebody.
  • C&S-Business.tld belonging to Cindy and Samantha. Managed by me, and my husband.

where .tld is country level top domain.

The back story:

Cruella owns a bigger company, and she decided to sell the small local branch to Cindy and Samantha. It was Cruella’s idea, she didn’t wanted to deal with “this little shit office”. After selling she still wanted to retain full control over everything, but Cindy and Samantha are not idiots of course, and this was not the agreement. They had a “transit year” in discussion, to make it easier for everybody.

As the transition year is getting to the end, Cindy and Samanta checks everything, and of course removes their OWN card from the services belonging to Cruella. Now Cruella is fuming over everything, she fells tossed out. (Remember… she got paid for her part for selling the company, and it was she who wanted to get out!) The dumbass just cannot understand that SHE SOLD HER branch and she is not the boss any more… Both Cindy and Samantha are lovely and (VERY) patient womens. Not like me, I would have smashed Cruella’s bitch head to the glass table a few times already. Because it turns out, she was a bitch all along , and did nasties like using Cindy And Samantha´s business CC to pay for services belonging only to her own part of the business. Go figure…

The beginning of the current shitstorm:

All beginns last weekend. My job was to upgrade the hosting for C&S-Business.tld. Everything was totally eventless. After finishing I asked the hosting company if I need to be aware of any changes in regards of how the site, emails are working. I was told “no”. So I was expected that Monday morning everything will resume working just as it did before the upgrade. Except it didn´t. Some of the email accounts were not downloading any new emails.

Cindy and Samantha is not to tech persons. Cindy was paniking and scared so I got the call in the morning about how “nothing works”. How come nothing works, I did check the emails – trough webmail, but they were working. (and I did explained them how to check the webmail if there is panic in outlook… just to avoid these panicked calls, but they forgot about the webmail possibility)

Anyway, the fix for the issue related to C&S-Business.tld email addresses was actually a 5 minute job trough remote control and only affected some of the users who instead of using the domain name as the “host name” used the old host´s host name. Anyway, I fixed it for C&S-Business.tld and all was good. The “nothing works” was actually 3 email accounts from 7 that used the old settings.

I thought panic is over, and moved on to continue with my xmas preparations. But apparently it was just the beginning of the real shitstorm. Cindy called me back, scared because … emails related to CruellaSite.tld are not working.

I told my clients, Cindy and Samantha countless times, that I can’t do shit about this domain. Absolutely nothing is in my power to make it magically work. It’s managed by Somebody, and I do not have any sort of access to the registrar, to the host to nowhere. If that is an issue, they need to call Somebody, who can fix it. CruellaSite.tld is totally out of my reach.

You see, I am a nice person…

I try to help Cindy and Samantha as good as I can. And despite the fact that CruellaSite.tld is not my problem, it cost me just a few minutes to check and figure out what’ on the earth is going on with this domain.

It turns out, that idiot Cruella forgot to renew her domain name.

Of course, it’s much easier to blame Cindy and Samantha for everything, but if you OWN a domain name, and nobody has access to it, its entirely on you if you forget to renew it. So Cruella actually shoot herself in the foot. But this didn’t stopped her blaiming the other two persons for the entire issue. And because nobody understands what’s what, she found Cindy and Samantha to be an easy tarket to blame them for everything…

I don’t sleep to much…

So at night I had time and put together a nice and as short as possiblle “vocabulary” for all the strange words that were used in the conversations. Because it turned out that neither Cruella, Samantha or Cindy understood entirely what’s what, and who paid for what or why the “email@ CruellaSite.tld” is not working. They all confuse hosting, with domain name, hostgator with registrar and so on…

This is what I sent them over: – of course I changed the personal details here.

CruellaSite.tld is the DOMAIN name, the address that is expired.

Hostgator – in this case the webhost where the FILES belonging to the domains sit( CruellaSite.tld , CruellasOtherSite.tld, .es and EMAILS) Hosgator is working, try going to and it will load the site.

Domains.tld is the country registrar for the .tld domain names, is the “boss of all country registrars

Nic.tld is just a different name for Domains.tld

Some-system is a reseller of Domains.tld CruellaSite.tld was registered about 10 years ago torugh this company, they are authorized to sell .tld domain names.  
                * CruellasOtherSite.tld was also registered trough Some-system and will expire on 23 january 2021.   Just saying. If this is not renewed in time, the same drama will happen again. is a reseller for .com and in this case was registered trough godaddy

Nameservers is a special address that tells the world who types CruellaSite.tld , CruellasOtherSite.tld,  in the browser where to go and look for the files belonging to the domain. The nameservers = the IP address in a more  understandable form for humans.

IP address – is the address where the servers holding the files are located.  999.99.99.999  BELONGS to Hostgator

Domain names are registered for 1, 2, 3… 10 years. If the registration is not renewed, the domain name will have about 15-30 days of grace period (where CruellaSite.tld is now!!!) , after this is going to be recycled, available for sale, BUT usually they are snatched by domain hunters. A terrible idea not to fix it in the grace period and hope to re-buy it once it’s available again.

Since CruellaSite.tld domain name is not accessible – its deactivated, emails are also not accessible, even if the server (hostgator) is doing just perfectly fine.

I also attached separate word documents with the whois infos, where is super clearly visible that the domain is expired and not godaddy or not the hosting, where my clients actually had some access – to pay of course… Nobody except Cruella had access to pay at Some Systems or Country tld!

The good news:

All my efforts seem to helped Cindy and Samantha to at least understands that they are not to blame for this mishap. It’s only on Cruella, who failed to renew her domain. And she keeps promoting more lies. Like “I was on the phone with united states and country tld ALL NIGHT – country tld is not working all night 😉 they are lazy – and they said that for 5-6 months the domain will be in limbo, nobody knows where. Like wtf bitch? The country tld has absolutely fucking nothing to do with “unted states”. And the 5-6 months? From where does she takes these numbers? It’s 30 days. Grace period. IF she fails to move during this period she can say goodbye to her domain. I might snatch it myself and ask a few thousands to just give it back.

Samantha said she sent over my email with the explanation of what’s what and it looks like some light is slowly shining in Cruella’s dark head as well. She now wants to get in touch with me. Probably to fix her shit.

But I am working for Cindy and Samantha. I am not interested to deal with idiot Cruella who already has a history of not paying for the services provided for her. I am not interested to collaborating with anybody who is an asshole.

It certainly looks like the whole ordeal began due to the simple fact that Cruella didn’t paid Somebody either.

Will see how the story develops. For now, we are going to have a nice Xmas dinner with friends.

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