“Appetite for distruction”

Well we did it!

The old chimney and the wall is DOWN. Both killed and died a heroic death in about 3 hours.

In our renovation we arrived to the point where the other side of the apartment (what’s behind me) is almost done. There are a few more aesthetic works required but we wanted to do the “big” jobs done first, like finishing with the floor tiles, the insulation of the ceiling and walls, painting the walls and so on.

By the end of the year we arrived to the point where these “biggies” are already done on the other half of the apartment, and in order to continue with them, we needed to destroy the chimney and the wall.

Removing the chimney was a decision we made long time ago. We considered adding a wood burner, pellet burner, but it was not worth pursuing it. All the decent brunersare very expensive, the regular ones available here are really low quality; the price of the wood is sky high, the pellets are not cheap either. There is fairly big costs with the installations included as well. We don´t have a lot of storage for the wood of pellets and we live on the 3rd floor, no elevator. While carrying up the wood or pellets are not an issue now, if we continue to live here still as we get older, it could become an issue.

Removing the wall was also an idea we came about from the first day we owned this apartment.

But I have to admit I kind’a dreaded the moment we actually had to do this task. The mess, the debris, and the clean up required after was not something I was looking forward to. So we kind’a postpone it for a while now. Luckily there was a whole month making just small and tiny works around the kitchen, as it was Holiday season and we didn’t wanted to make to much noise.

January 7 was the day to start. At about 10 AM. At 13AM everything was teared down, half of the debris packed in sacks and the other half made a solid pile in one corner. It was way less difficult than initially thought it will be, it was much faster as well. The wall was not really giving any real resistance. The thickness of the wall and chimney wall is about 7cm, it’s just a separating wall, absolutely no mass in it.

We will have about 50-60 sacks of debris collected. In the photos you can see currently 25 sacks packed, all the chimney and 5 sacks are from the wall.

The next task will be to carry down all the debris and arrange for the transport. There is a recycling plant that takes in these stuff, we will have to see what’s the procedure. We have a card with them, (you have it here if you pay for the garbage) and we can request the transport for the removal for free. Well, if we manage to find out how and who to call of course, because the free stuff works pretty damn well on paper, and extremely bad in practice.

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