Reasons for Choosing Ikea Kitchen

We are getting close to finish our odd sized kitchen, and I am absolutely thrilled with my choice for the Ikea Metod modules, and white Ringhult doors. We live about 1,30h from Ikea, and had to do a few trips to get everything, because we didn´t had the money to buy all at once, but even so it was a much better choice to source it form the few available shops in that are closer to us.

Here are my reasons for choosing Ikea Metod modules

  • The local stores carried modules with only 70cm height, and some 20cm tall legs. The modules would have ended up being at the same level, but me loosing 10cm for each module all the way in the kitchen.
  • the companies making custom made kitchen cabinets work either ridiculously expensive or have bad quality products at pretty much the same price as the Ikea modules, and of course that pretty much would’t be in coordinated with my DIY ways.
  • the local stores selling modular kitchens have way lower quality products, at almost the same price. Kitchen wise maybe we would have saved a 200 euros which is nothing.
  • Ikea offers 25 years of warranty for the modules, and you can also ask for some spare parts for free. (Yup, it actually happened, we used this service and it was awesome)
  • the modules are stupidly easy to put together, I mean if you have a little bit of DIY skills they are not going to pose any sort of challenge.
  • the hinges are wonderful, they just pop on and off, I can take down the doors in a few seconds and put it back in the same amount of time.
  • there is a full year to your disposal to bring back some modules, elements that you didn’t used or needed or simply because you changed your mind, if you have the ticket.
  • the modules are sturdy and heavy, it feels like they have more ‘stuff’ in them compared to the other modular kitchens.
  • there is an Ikea Kitchen Planner available online, that will allow you to build your own kitchen, to redesign it countless time, to change your mind and so on.
  • we bought it in parts – I put together smaller shopping list, printed it out, and when we had some business nearby the Ikea, we popped in and spent some money on some products. With the shopping list went to the warehouse section, found somebody at the computer and they put me together the order. This saved me a lot of time and money 😀 because I didn’t went wondering and buying all sort of things. And we were out in half an hour pretty much all the time.

Our kitchen has some “not so standard” solutions.

Since the “walking area” of the kitchen is small, we didn’t wanted full width doors. I couldn’t use 40cm doors, because of how the modules were possible to fit in, so I used the 30cm wide doors, for the 60cm wide cabinets. I absolutely love how little space they take when open.

What we didn’t bought at Ikea:

The counter top. I used the Custom Worktop Calculator to help you estimate the costs, and for now we could´t afford to get anything from there. We bought some simple wood counter top, that will surely last for a few years, and a few years more if we take care of it, and it cost about 1/5th of the Ikea Countertop, so it was a huge save for us especially now when the money goes in every single direction. Besides we needed a countertop that is wider than the standard Ikea one (63.5cm) to hide the washing machine.

What I hate about Ikea modules/kitchen elements?

So far not many things. But I do not like that there are no 45cm deep drawers with low back, and it might not be possible to get just the back of the drawer. We have an odd sized furniture where I can fit some 45cm drawers, but I need it the least tall one. From the 40cm drawer I actually only get 37cm usable space. The 43 one is almost using up the space perfectly.

There are no narrow doors for the top modules. Anyway we figured out what doors we are going to use, but it’s annoying.

There are no 30cm wide top modules, or at least not yet. I would have needed one but I couldn’t find.

So pretty much this sums it up, if I have other ideas will update this post.

Here is a partial view of my “In progress” Ikea kitchen with some missing drawers, and slightly misaligned doors, missing covers etc. Will get to those soon!

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