Kitchen update

I can safely say that the kitchen is almost ready! with a few bits and bobs missing. We had some family over for a few days, after that we were away so… the progress is kind’a slow, but we are not in a rush anyway.

Here is what’s left:

  • to buy and install the ending stirp all around the kitchen worktop
  • to install one white cover to the small “odd” piece of furniture below the big one covering the water heater
  • to install the bottom covers
  • to buy a new garbage bin
  • to put together the new table and chairs
  • proably some other things I forgot

I am happy with how it turned out, it has a few odd elements, some bits and bobs that are not standard, and probably an expert could have had some different ideas about the layout but it works for us, and that’s what’s important.

It was a tad bit of puzzle game to get everything together. For example, we needed the furniture to be close to the ceiling, I don’t want a hole above the cupboards. But also needed it that way in order to cover the water heater. So it was a bit of a measuring and “where do we start” head scratching, but we came up first with this solution. But what to do with the odd little space below the first top cupboard?

Well.. we decided to cover it with the same as one above the fridge, and move the next doors a few cm lower. We had to make new holes for the hinges, but that was it, and the whole hole situation was fixed. I had worries that cutting the edge of the door would end up with some nasty cut lines… We will cover the hole around the microwave with some smaller piece of wood…

The not so good idea:

I measured it a bunch of times, but at the end this corner managed to give me a nasty surprise. In order to line up everything, the cupboards with the wall and the doors… I had the following measurements:

Cupboard 1, 60cm wide, 2x30cm wide doors
Pseudo cupbard: maximum space is 55cm, and we could find 2x25cm doors.

Great… I looked up and the small white “Jonaxel” cart was just the right size. So we bought it. It was all good until we fit everything where it should be, and I was missing about 1cm! The door hinges added up some space lost I was not counting with, and because of that missing cm, removing the cart from where I intended to keep it would have been a real struggle. So change of plan. We found a board lying around, made a “bottom”, moved the cart somewhere else, and put the bin here. It’s a good location after all.

The doors are corner cupboard doors, we used Utrusta metal bits to screw them together. The hinges had to be 153degree ones, so the door opens quite back, making it easy to reach the corner area.

It’s an excellent little storage space. I have a shelve too, and on that shelve I keep my vacum pack machine.

The cart moved to the other side. Actually it’s a very good place to keep it. This area we cannot really “close up” with shelves or drawers, because on the right side of this cart we have the gas bottle and there is going to be a water softerner one day. Both of them will need to have quick and easy access to them. But removing the cart with all off it’s contents and a few bits and bobs stored near it is not going to give us any issues.

The cupboard that covers the water heater is our “chemical warfare storage area” I absolutely hate this box 😀 but I prefer to look at it over the roundness of the water heater, so we are good. It surprised how much space is left around, so now I can keep all my chemicals up. Not that anybody would want to touch them, but still, I might still get a puppy one day 😀

And finally: lignthing is on, flower is there, kind’a starts to look like a true kitchen!

Having the “narrow” cupboard on the right side turned out to be a very good idea! I really really like it, somehow the whole space is more functional with it than it was without! The counter top area is small, but still good enough to have space to put things, the shelves above it look good together, and while the storage are is fairly small, I still can put a lot of things there! The “tricky” door is not even visible if you don’t know that something is different there (I mean the 2x25cm doors) and everything can be opened and closed. The idea to have these cupboards so narrow was given by the last one 30cm wide with the little cart. I wanted to be able to open all the doors normally… and also wanted to have a reasonable good space in the kitchen to move around.

My personal favorite in this kitchen are the NARROW doors.

The door opening won’t take up huge space …

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