Trote TTK 69 E Dehumidifier L1/F1 intermittent error fix – level easy

We only used this dehumidifier for a few month when the error occured. I couldn’t find anything reliable in the manual or on Trotec website. I was not entirely sure if the error was L1/F1 or LI/FI, so I searched for both, not to much luck to begin with. Browsing on Amazon, I saw thisContinue reading “Trote TTK 69 E Dehumidifier L1/F1 intermittent error fix – level easy”

Building in the washing machine

Our regular, stand alone front door washing machine was not originally designed to be built in the furniture. But we managed to get everything sorted, and now basically it’s built in! First thing first, it took a lot of planning. We choose especially the Ikea kitchen furnitures, because I found their online kitchen planner. ThisContinue reading “Building in the washing machine”

The good, the bad and the ugly

Once in a while facebook is good for something. For example you can accidentally stumble into chocolate making videos. I seen a few, and was truly mesmerized by them. The only problem: I had absolutely zero idea about making home made chocolate bon bons, truffles and all sorts of goodies. Had no equipment, no moldsContinue reading “The good, the bad and the ugly”

The issues of an odd sized kitchen

One of the biggest issue I have with our apartment is the odd size of spaces around me. Everything is odd. The bathroom is not small when it comes to average bathrooms areas in square meters, but the arrangements of everything in it is absolutely odd and I kind’a hate it. Only basic changes wouldContinue reading “The issues of an odd sized kitchen”

Ikea White? AAAA…in Spain?

I have a problem… In 2018 February we bought this Norden table from Ikea Valencia. A few months ago I noticed some marks on it, that was definitely not caused on purpose or by negligence. Or I don’t know, I am not looking to blame anybody or anything. It just happened. We tried to takeContinue reading “Ikea White? AAAA…in Spain?”

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