The daily chaos

Today we cut the kitchen’s 3d worktop area. To our neighbors “enjoyment”. Our kitchen is strangely shaped, like a weird U form, with one of the “legs” being shorter and narrower then the other. Here on the left side, the wall is longer, on the opposite side the worktop had to be wider, and onContinue reading “The daily chaos”

Read the label

About 7 years ago my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and while his cholesterol was not high, the doctor decided to write up statins for him, with about 5 other pills. We went home, unsuspecting anything and he followed the protocol the doctor set up for him. In about 5 daysContinue reading “Read the label”

Bedroom “staging” and killing of the furnitures

In the above image you can see bits of a bed frame we got as part of the furniture donation we received. Prior to taking this at home, I watched a bunch of “how to paint and restore old furniture videos”. I was eager to start, and had massive high hopes about how amazing andContinue reading “Bedroom “staging” and killing of the furnitures”

Electric water heater, limescale and the magnesium anode

If you live in an area where the water is hard… you better know this things 😀 Limescale WILL be your biggest nightmare, and proper maintenance of your hot water producing devices is going to be crucial. You may not be interested to clean and remove the limescale from your own water heater, but youContinue reading “Electric water heater, limescale and the magnesium anode”

(Very)Poor woman’s window insulation

The windows in this apartment were about 45 years old. The whole area above the window where the window blinds was basically only a half cm thick plywood board and pretty much nothing else. No wonder it was cold in the room, especially at night! In order to reduce the cooling down, we used someContinue reading “(Very)Poor woman’s window insulation”

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