Trote TTK 69 E Dehumidifier L1/F1 intermittent error fix – level easy

We only used this dehumidifier for a few month when the error occured. I couldn’t find anything reliable in the manual or on Trotec website. I was not entirely sure if the error was L1/F1 or LI/FI, so I searched for both, not to much luck to begin with. Browsing on Amazon, I saw thisContinue reading “Trote TTK 69 E Dehumidifier L1/F1 intermittent error fix – level easy”

(Very)Poor woman's window insulation

The windows in this apartment were about 45 years old. The whole area above the window where the window blinds was basically only a half cm thick plywood board and pretty much nothing else. No wonder it was cold in the room, especially at night! In order to reduce the cooling down, we used someContinue reading “(Very)Poor woman's window insulation”

Not your average DIY blog

For about 3 years now I would like to launch a blog about our adventures in a foreign country, without exposing to much about who we are, and where we are. Not because it would be a massive secret, simply because I would like to keep it as honest as i can, without making thingsContinue reading “Not your average DIY blog”

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